What is a wedding?

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It can simply be the marking of a next step in a relationship that has already been established.

A step that in its shape and form of a celebration  - might be  more important to others than it is to you.
But is it not an outward manifestation … of an inner process ….that only the two of you…. know and understand….?
A ritual that transforms the yesterdays of two individuals into the tomorrows of two personalities entwined forever and unable to return to who they were before such ritual.

A moment in time that you enter ….
with a raised awareness of your choice…
and in YOUR chosen space and form
making it your “significant moment”….

Allow Anke to touch your lives on your special day and assist and guide you in the process of expressing who you are individually and as a couple.

Life experiences collected across Asia, living and working among different cultures for some 40 years and work experience of 35 years as a childbirth educator and birth support have opened her heart to two of the three most sacred moments in life: birth and marriage. In this process she has overcome perceived boundaries and protocols. She honours all beliefs and serves those who wish to express them. striving to capture the emotions in words that become memories… forever.


Whatever your personality, style, beliefs and preferences may be, contact Anke for an obligation-free chat about your wedding and let her introduce you to options. Services are offered in English and German, with assistance  in composition, also in French.
Her enthusiasm in being with and inspiring her clients through her compassion, inner presence, warmth, humour and spirit ensure ceremonies delivered with elegance, heart and soul!



I want to get married. What do I need to know?

In New Zealand you can either have a civil ceremony held by a Registrar of Marriages in a Registry Office or a ceremony held by an appointed celebrant (including some ministers of religion) at any other place. Anke provides the latter. To get married in NZ, you must hold a valid marriage licence.

Before you apply for the licence you must:
• Arrange for a celebrant  EARLY in your planning, especially if you want a weekend summer wedding on the beach (there are favorite weekends and your preferred celebrant may be booked up ahead!) or registrar to do the ceremony and 2 (more are possible if you wish) witnesses.
• Book a venue (include an alternative in case of bad weather – both are NECESSARY for the licence application!)
NOTE:  In case of an outdoor public venue (beach / reserve, park etc) you MUST obtain a “event permit” from the local Council (Thames Coromandel District Council for the Coromandel Peninsula area) or in some cases the Department of Conservation (DOC).

Please note that to apply for a marriage licence, one of you must:
• Complete a “Notice of Intended Marriage” and go to a Registrar of Marriages, to sign the statutory declaration before the Registrar of Marriages, stating you are legally free to marry. You will receive two copies of “Particulars of Marriage” (which you need to give to your celebrant to be signed at the solemnisation). If applicable provide previous divorce order/s.
• Pay the fee for the licence.

Upon approval, the licence usually takes a minimum of three calendar days after submittal and is valid for 3 months.

For further information (including foreigners visiting New Zealand and wanting to get married here or NZ Nationals living abroad), obtaining a certificate of marriage (as some countries may require to register your marriage there) and forms for downloading go to the website Births, Deaths & Marriages:

Fees and booking:

Fees and booking:

How important is your wedding cake?

How important is your celebrant? …. The person who you trust will make the highlight of your day – the ceremony – into the memorable, elegant and yet fun moment that you and your guests will want to cherish in their memories.
Which one of the two might become disposable in the worst case scenario? Your celebrant comes into your budget with roughly the cost of a sizeable nice wedding cake, unless of course, some nice person does it for you as an honour and pastime occupation!

A word about your wedding celebrant:
Celebrants have moved on from being the person in the community “who can do it” and has some style of doing it, to becoming a profession of its own – complete with training, ongoing professional development, administration, advertising and competitive pricing. However, so far, the way each celebrant operates is left to their choice, skills and preferences. Needless to say that the differences can be huge. The bad news is: it’s a jungle out there and you got to find your way through it if your ceremony is of importance to you! The good news is: there ARE choices and finding the perfect match for your personality, style and wishes will be hugely rewarding! Have fun talking to a bunch of these interesting people who often bring such a wide variety of life experiences and character to their work which many of them do less for a living (not many who can live of it!) than for the sheer joy of being there for and with their clients throughout the planning process and on their big day! Anyway, that’s where Anke is coming from….

BOOKING Anke to be your celebrant

BOOKING Anke to be your celebrant


OPTION I – The fully personalised DELUXE option            
Your first contact will invite you to an obligation-free first consultation and discussion (by phone / skype call if location poses problems for a personal meeting). If subsequently booked (by booking form and deposit of 50 % of invoiced amount), her service fee of $ 700 then covers all follow-up telephone / personal discussions and e-mails to provide ceremonial choices based on YOUR ideas and wishes, draft and re-draft your  custom ceremony until perfect for YOU, one 30 min rehearsal at her home in Pauanui (1-2 days before the wedding) or on site if requested (additional cost) and of course, the wedding day ceremony itself at venues with no more than 30 minutes of travel or footwalks *), and legally required handling of documents.    *) Additional travel/time charges of $ 1.-/km or $ 70.- / 30 min footwalk / boat rides etc to remote beaches/ venues  (to be negotiated) may apply.

No planning / no “homework”
Just choose your vows and provide some basic keywords

and leave the rest to Anke for a sweet, short but stylish ceremony        $ 500 (+ travel)

OPTION III - NO FUSS –  mainly the paperwork
Sometimes circumstances ask for an “officiation” vs a wedding ceremony.
Similar to Registry Office, but at a place of your choosing.
Choose your vows and maybe a specific reading;                                                                    

No fuss, just the papers and ready to party (or not…)                             $ 300 (+ travel)

In need for more?

In need for more?

Add-on services:

Add-on services (option I only)
Especially in catering for her overseas clients, Anke offers also:

  • - Ceremonies or parts thereof in German and French

  • - Decorative set-up for small beach weddings (depending on location) which includes a table and chair for the signing.

  • - Additional services such as collection of marriage licence (if previously signed application at Commonwealth Representative overseas or local Registrar), procurement of certificate (NOT automatic as not required for New Zealanders)  or permits, Please enquire for more details and fees depending on your requirements.



Births, Deaths and Marriages (marriage licence & certificate):

Thames Coromandel District Council
(event permits for your public venue on the beach etc):

Celebrants Association NZ: