Celebrations of Life

End of Life – Celebrations of Life & Good-byes / Funerals

Just like the beginning of life should be honoured and recognised in a special way, so should be its end…. This service may be about the loved one you lost,  it can be for you, those who mourn their loss, but it can also be for both….

The way you wish to honour the life of your loved one is open to any form, shape and idea you wish to bring to it. There is no right or wrong way, as long as it speaks to your heart and…. ideally….….also from the heart of the person who is about to or has left us!

You may wish to shift the focus more on gratitude for a hopefully fulfilled life well lived, its successes, achievements, legend and memories it leaves behind and away from the mourning and its “celebration”.

Some circumstances when facing death have allowed for a lot of time and reflection for the person about to leave us. Sometimes they feel so overburdened by thinking that they have to console their beloved which leaves them nowhere and nobody to talk to about how they feel…. Perhaps they have come to accept what is about to happen and would rather focus on the peace they are trying to achieve around that more than on the sadness, their own and others? In these cases and when expecting their departing in the near future and as part of an “end of life plan”, an honest and yet solemn good-bye ceremony from their loved ones, friends and even neighbours, can provide a wonderfully peaceful memory for all concerned and the bereaved!

Not only “arranging their affairs”, but also discussing their THEIR wishes and final words to the bereaved after they have gone, may look terribly scary at first glance, but can be wonderfully appeasing and healing for the departing person…to be at peace, emotionally, spiritually and knowing that all is “in order”…. More openness around death may be well required and timely.

(Have you seen the latest “Death Cafes”?... )

It brings peace to everyone!

Anke offers her preparatory and / or delivery of service at a flat rate of  $ 350.00 (plus additional travel charges for trips of more than 30 min or 50 km). Additional time/travel charges apply for multiple trips at a rate of $ 1.- / km.

Special Circumstances - may allow for special fees!  Please discuss your personal circumstances with Anke to consider a sliding price scale. It is Anke's view that no one should be deprived of a meaningful ceremony for a life's milestone.