Beginning of Life Blessing and Naming ceremonies

What is the purpose?

Life’s beginning, the arrival and welcoming of a new human being into the circle of family, friends and his/her community of support and influence throughout life deserves a lot more than a ceremony of “name-giving”.

What can it entail?

The birth of a baby is the most touching and sacred moment, closure and the beginning of the circle of life. This is not always an easy process and so the arrival of a new soul in a healthy body deserves a moment of reflection, humility and gratitude.

The beginning of our life’s journey does not provide us with a manual, neither for the new arrival, nor for the parents. We rely on sound advice, support and help from other. The more, the better ! What we make of it is another matter and up to us, but some ideas are a good start ! « It takes a village to raise a child » somebody once said very wisely. In our modern times of socalled connection through cyberspace and yet simultaneous isolation this has become almost impossible in the Western world.
Disappointed and turning away from the tenets or precepts of institutional religion, many parents – in their turmoil of establishing a new life with a newborn – miss the opportunity and time to consciously embrace their task on hand to develop the full potential of their child and face its challenges, expressed in a special ceremony of gratitude, blessings, welcoming and naming.

The presence of family and those closest to us during a ceremonial marking of this time can be used to ask for their continued love and support for these tasks and for the child herself and thank them for it.
A couple of these may then also – not unlike the godparents in a Church christening – be honoured with the function of a guardian / mentor  or guide through life for the child directly. A previous agreement is always advised for this important role, though !

For the baby (or young child) this will be a special kind of welcoming where all those present focus consciously on the essence of this ceremony which is a manifestation of the inner connection and commitment to the child.  Small wish "rituals" and symbols which Anke offers for this ceremony, are a graceful enhancement to this expression.

Of course, this ceremony lends itself to the recognition of the meaning of and the bestowing of the carefully chosen name by the parents or the celebrant. However, there are no limits to the form and shape of this always personalised, deeply touching and  "significant moment" in the life of baby and parents…
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Special Circumstances - may allow for special fees!  Please discuss your personal circumstances with Anke to consider a sliding price scale. It is Anke's view that no one should be deprived of a meaningful ceremony honouring a life's milestones.