What is a wedding?

It can simply be the marking of a next step in a relationship that has already been established.

A step that in its shape and form of a celebration  - might be  more important to others than it is to you.
But is it not an outward manifestation … of an inner process ….that only the two of you…. know and understand….?
A ritual that transforms the yesterdays of two individuals into the tomorrows of two personalities entwined forever and unable to return to who they were before such ritual.

A moment in time that you enter ….
with a raised awareness of your choice…
and in YOUR chosen space and form
making it your “significant moment”….

Allow Anke to touch your lives on your special day and assist and guide you in the process of expressing who you are individually and as a couple.

Life experiences collected across Asia, living and working among different cultures for some 40 years and  work experience of 35 years as a childbirth educator and birth support have opened her heart to two of the three most sacred moments in life: birth and marriage.
In this process she has overcome perceived boundaries and protocols. She honours all beliefs and serves those who wish to express them. striving to capture the emotions in words that become memories… forever.

Whatever your personality, style, beliefs and preferences may be, contact Anke for an obligation-free chat about your wedding and let her introduce you to options. Services are offered in English and German, with assistance  in composition, also in French.
Her enthusiasm in being with and inspiring her clients through her compassion, inner presence, warmth, humour and spirit ensure ceremonies delivered with elegance, heart and soul!