Meet Anke Buhrfeindt

Anke Buhrfeindt has spent most of her adult life in various Asian countries and  became an independent (not attached to any church, organization or religion), appointed celebrant since semi-retiring on the Coromandel in 2007.

NOTE:   Anke will relocate to DUNEDIN AT THE END OF 2021 and may                                                                                                          NOT be available for your service between November 21 and February 22! 

She left her home country, Germany, as a member of the Foreign Service, then found her true vocational calling after marrying and having 2 children, and became a certified childbirth educator and labour support professional.

As such she worked and grew with and through the ideologies of the natural childbirth movement and became a change agent for birth practices in Singapore, Japan and China.  She is also a New Zealand Childbirth Educator and has facilitated antenatal groups with Parents Centres NZ. She has been educating, supporting, empowering and inspiring women and their partners through pregnancy, birth and beyond for 35 years.

Her heart and soul centre around family, women, children and life itself... its tribulations, trivia, challenges and all... She sees her third career as a celebrant as an opportunity to use her life experiences among different cultures and people around the world, her challenges as a birth practice activist, teacher and student collectively with her skills and talents as a mother, grandmother, wife, divorcee, business innovator, founder, owner and director. She considers herself a student of life and humankind - on a course with no graduation… with lots of wonderful co-students.

She considers herself non-religious, but spiritual in her approach to life. She now dedicates her talents in being with and inspiring people  through her compassion, heart, warmth, humour and spirit, to bring that special touch and meaning to the celebration of their Significant Moments...  From "womb to thomb".