The celebration of SIGNIFICANT MOMENTS in life

Our life path has always recognised and honoured three major milestones through ceremony, celebration and / or ritual:  

Today’s modern society through its “busy-ness”, dictated by hectic life-styles driven by “electronic slavery”, often deprives us of interpersonal communication and sharing. Many of us are calling for a return to simpler, less materialistic values and life-styles focusing on more connection with others again who accompany our life’s path.
Such wish can also be expressed through the choice of a wedding with a different focus – more on the meaning of “Yes to sharing my life with you” than on the big party. Even life’s end may be blessed with more gratitude for a fulfilled life instead of a “celebration” of mourning. Maybe even through an honest and yet solemn good-bye from those nearest and dearest to us when already facing but before our death?
At first sight a big ask, but a wonderfully peaceful memory to take away for all bereaved in hindsight….
Ceremonies and rituals for any of our milestones can include special birthdays or anniversaries, retirement, a new home or business, divorce and new beginnings, the coming of age and many more occasions which touch our hearts and souls and change our lives.  They are  powerful and effective ways to bring more awareness of blessings received, gratitude, acceptance and new beginnings to our lives. They can help us to live more consciously, to become more mindful towards others … in recognition that we all share everything, everything that IS….
In a brief moment of the present we enter the space of ceremony in the spirit of the past, we go through a ritual enriched with words that touch our lives forever, and we leave this moment and space to enter the future, touched, transformed and consciously ready for new beginnings…

Irrespective of your personality, beliefs or style…. Gentle or loud, traditional or unconventional, spiritual or religious, free spirit or conservative, romantic or Zen…. contact Anke for the creation and honouring of your significant moment in life!

Special Circumstances - may allow for special fees!  Please discuss your personal circumstances with Anke to consider a sliding price scale. It is Anke's view that no one should be deprived of a meaningful ceremony for any of their life milestones.

Birth (Blessing, expression of gratitude, honouring and welcoming a new life among the network of family and fellow travellers through life with or without a ceremonial name giving)

Marriage and Commitment  (Engagement, Wedding (incl same sex) expressed in private or publicly and legally binding,
Renewal of Vows after years of marriage well mastered and honoured)

Death  (End of life good-byes and honouring a life lived well)