Renewal of Vows

What is it that is commonly named a "renewal of vows"?

It is NOT a repetition ! But a free, not legally manifested, but inner  re-commitment to the work of continuing to shape and reshape the organic growth and development of a life-long devoted marriage…. in recognition, gratitude and honour of the years already mastered together and in trust of what is yet to be.

Life forms us and our relationships.  Its most difficult and most beautiful moments shared with a life partner grind and even out each of our corners and rough edges, so that – over time – they fit more smoothly and become a beautiful whole together. What started as young or inexperienced love in the spring of your life as a couple, led to the altar or registry office years ago, has now matured throughout its summer and borne fruit in the autumn’s harvest, ready for the calm of winter …. Time to rest, reflect in pleasant knowledge that life’s storms were so much easier to withstand with your partner by your side. A long-lasting loving relationship is our highest calling in life, our greatest challenge and ….. our finest achievement !

Wherever you may be in the seasons of your relationship … honour your achievements in this special ceremony that will consciously engrain within yourselves the gratitude for your years together, past, present and future, and express your ever renewing love.